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Module 1

When arriving on the administration page there are two possibilities to create a module:

  • Via quick Edition
  • Via the Module topic

Via quick edition

widgets 2

When you clicked on the Quick Edit tab, click on create a widget

Via the widgets part of the menu

Module 3

When you clicked on the Module part on the menu, click creates a widget

Static block

Access to the block Widget

Création Widget Bloc step 1

Selected to the block widget

Création Widget Bloc step 2

Or by clicking on the block Widget

The different steps and possibilities for creates the block


Création Widget Bloc step 3

Just enter the name 

the URL key will automatically fill.

Setting and saving of the page

Création Widget Bloc step 4

Here the only parameter to put or not is the Active function, to remove it simply uncheck the Active box 

Adding contained

Création Widget Bloc step 5

To add the contained just to fill the content of the block and click on save


Access to the form widget

Création Widget Formulaire step 1

When the General steps were made i.e. selecting the form

Création Widget Formulaire step 2

Either by clicking on the form

The different steps and possibilities for creates the form


Just enter the name 

The URL key will automatically fill.

Création Widget Formulaire step 3

The form fields

Création Widget Formulaire step 4

Click on the fields tab of the form

To add the various elements and features of it are:

  • Title
  • Quote
  • Separator
  • Text field
  • Field text Multi lines
  • Selection
  • Check box
  • Radio button
  • Send a file

Just take the desired item and drag it (see red arrow) in box

Création Widget Formulaire step 5

Parameter and safeguarding of the Widget

The following options appear:

Création Widget Formulaire step 6

  • Enabled
  • Enable CAPTCHA security
  • Receive email notifications

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