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Via the website

Gestion profile step 1

To access the management of profile via the website, simply click on our profile located in the menu at the top right.

And then click filegroups manage my profile

Via administration

Gestion profile step 2

To access the management of profile via administration, just click on our profile located in top-right with the icons of the site management.

And then click manage my profile tab


Gestion profile information step 1

Change the name fields

Change the first name field

And the short Description field


Gestion profile Avatar step 1

Click filegroups Avatar

to change avatar, click the choose a file associated with Avatar

Social Networks

Gestion profile sociaux step 1

Click social networks tab

Enter lurl site web display, and add the nickname at the end of the other links.

  • Site web personal: personal website of user
  • Facebook: Facebook's user account
  • Twitter: Twitter's user account
  • YouTube: YouTube user account
  • Google: Google's user account
  • Pinterest: Account user Pinterest
  • LinkedIn: Linkedin's user account
  • MySpace: MySpace user account


Click on the contact info tab

Gestion profile Coordonnees step 1

  • Country: Country user
  • City: City user
  • Code postal: Code postal de l'utilisateur
  • Postal code: postal Code of the user
  • Address: Address of user
  • Phone fix: phone fix user
  • Mobile phone: mobile phone of the user
  • Phone fax: fax user 


Gestion profile parametre step 1

  • Status: Status of users (active, inactive, pending activation, banish, close)
  • Language: Language of the user
  • Time zone: time zone of user
  • Who can see the profile?: what group of people can see the profile page of the user
  • Allow notifications by mail: update notifications by e-mail of the user
  • The newsletter: put the newsletter by e-mail of the user

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